Andy Golledge is a livewire and a gentle soul, trapped in a 70s tuna fisherman’s body. He looks like your old man back in the day, sounds like Neil Young, with the energy of Springsteen, and a vulnerability all his own.

Hailing from Australia’s country music capital, Andy’s early musical influences, like most of ours, reflected his parent’s record collection. Absorbing the art of storytelling from James Taylor, he was “singing sad songs before I was even sad,” it wasn’t until Andy left his hometown, drifted a while and landed in Sydney that his love of the genre emerged. After becoming a household name in Sydney’s live music pub scene, 2019 saw Andy announce his official signing with I OH YOU through the release of his debut single Run To The River to high praise. Premiering on triple j, the track saw immediate support from Consequence of Sound, Chorus & Verse, Elicit Magazine, Vents Magazine and Enigma. The track has since been added to full rotation on ABC Country Radio and had seen strong support from Double J, with additional playlisting across Spotify and Apple Music.

Andy kicked off 2020 with headline shows at Tamworth Hotel from 23-26 Jan as a part of the Tamworth Country Music Festival where he’ll played to his loyal hometown. Audience numbers swell each year as buzz around his live shows gains momentum, with punters clearly not about to miss the chance to claim they’ve known him since the beginning. 

Country & Western traditionally comes out of American towns in which men are mercilessly expected to be stoic and masculine. It seems like emotion comes out in songs out of necessity. “That’s what drew me to country music,” Andy says. He personally has been besieged by anxiety, depression and the complications of ADHD, all as hopelessly tangled as fishing line. But he’s had a breakthrough recently in being able to speak frankly about all those kinds of things.

There’s a palpable sense of love from the typical Golledge audience, too. They may be a diverse bunch, but often they’ll share his aesthetic: shorty shorts, cowboy hats and vintage trucker caps. And if he’s shirtless, pantless and riding someone’s shoulders, there’s bound to be similarly disrobed folk ready to catch him.

Rescue Me is the new single from Andy debut album. It’s a rollicking piece of rock’n’roll,  perfectly showcasing Andy Golledge mixture of energy v’s musicianship. It helps that his band is filled with some of Australia’s best musicians all of whom contributed to the debut album. Strength of A Queen, Andy’s debut full length record is due for release in March 2022.